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Kettlebell Training and Yoga

To be fit, strong, and flexible together is an ideal that all movers value.

Exercise science provides basic principles which are used to guide physical development in different areas. To get stronger, lift progressively heavier weights. To increase fitness, improve the cardiovascular system with aerobic activities. To increase the range of motion, do flexibility exercises.

Is there a way to combine multiple fitness goals together into a time-efficient program that gives results? Crucial to success in any exercise program is the ability to sustain your efforts over time. Any exercise program that beats your body up and causes injuries is no long-term solution to your health and fitness needs.

One of the most effective ways to address the comprehensive objectives of strength, endurance, power, mobility, and flexibility in one program is to combine kettlebell training with yoga.

Yoga practice has millions of followers around the world because it addresses the alignment, range of motion and presence of mind that is so important not only for flexibility but for tranquility and the peace of inner gratitude.

Kettlebell training is rapidly gaining enthusiasts around the world because of the dynamic movement patterns and impact this form of high-intensity exercise has on shedding fat and shredding muscles, as well as athletic conditioning.

Presence of Mind

Yoga emphasizes paying attention to how your body, movement, breath, and your own practice feels at every moment.

Kettlebell training works through multiple planes of motion at high speeds., which demands laser-like concentration.


Yoga teaches about the core alignment of your body. These same guidelines are followed when lifting kettlebells:

  • Eyes forward
  • Head and neck lengthening up
  • Chest and Ribcage lifted
  • Shoulders pulled back and down
  • Shoulders and hips centered and even on both sides
  • Spine kept long and straight
  • Feet are flat and weight evenly distributed throughout both feet


In both yoga and kettlebell training, the breath is coordinated with every movement and a strong focus is kept on the breathing.

Why Do Both Kettlebells and Yoga?

Yoga practice is effective for increasing range of motion, yet does not usually build muscular strength. Since the object of stretching is pulling, and the stronger your muscles are, the stronger they can pull, the only way to improve flexibility is to pull stronger.

Kettlebells are a form of weight training, which develops strength, and also a form of cardiovascular conditioning, which develops endurance and stamina. Kettlebell training improves the yoga practice by increasing the strength and endurance needed to pull stronger and for longer in more advanced holds and positions.

In kettlebell training, when there is tightness in certain areas of the body, it’s difficult to progress beyond those limited ranges of motion because the tight muscles fatigue faster. During longer sets or with heavier kettlebells, any restrictions of movement will make you have to work a lot harder and tire faster. Yoga helps develop the flexibility to assist the kettlebell lifter in getting into positions easier, recovering faster, and lifting injury-free.

This blend of strength, fitness, and flexibility found with Kettlebell and Yoga practice makes them a perfect union.

Video: Iron Core Yoga Workout - 2 Dumbbells/Kettlebell and a Yoga Mat

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Watch Kettlebell Training and Yoga video

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