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Lenape Tribe How do you pronounce "Lenape?" What does it mean? Lenape is pronounced "Leh-NAH-pay" and it means "the people.". Sometimes you will see this name spelled Lenбpe or Lenapi instead. The tribe is also known as the. Lenni Lenape true people or the Delaware.

Since they moved to Oklahoma, however, Lenape traditions of canoe-building have mostly been lost. Over land, the Lenapes used dogs as pack animals. (There were no horses in North America until Europeans brought them here.) Lenape Indians used sleds and snowshoes to help them travel.

The Delaware Indians were farming people. Lenape women did most of the farming, harvesting corn, squash and beans. Lenape men went hunting for deer, elk, turkeys, and small game, and caught fish in the rivers and inlets. Delaware Indian foods included soup, cornbread, dumplings and.

Kids Indian in jeans
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Facts for Kids: Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe (Delaware)

You can learn more about our organization here. Our website was first created in 1998 and last updated in 2015. Thanks for your interest in the Lenni Lenape Indian people and their language! Sponsored Links.

Lenape language (also known as Unami.) But some young Lenape people are working to learn their ancient language again. If you'd like to know some easy Lenape words, "he" (pronounced "hey is a friendly greeting and "wanishi" means "thank you." You can listen to a.

There are also some small Lenne Lenape communities remaining in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The total Lenape population is around 16,000. How is the Lenni Lenape Indian nation organized? There are two federally recognized Lenape tribes in Oklahoma : the Delaware Tribe of Indians and.

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