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This is the loop you will need to pull the longer end through. 4 Hide the short end behind the longer end. Arrange the longer end so that it lays flat over the front of the shorter end giving the scarf a professional look. Button.

Method 1 Wearing the Classic Drape 1 Wear the classic drape on warmer days. Check the weather before deciding on this scarf style, and make sure that it is comfortable enough to go out without a scarf. Only wear the classic drape if you are.

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Pull the short end of the scarf into the top of the loop and out through the bottom, creating a the fake knot. 21 If the knot is too tight, slip the other end through and loosen it slightly. This allows you to make adjustments.

Pull on the knotted end slightly to tighten the knot around the other end. 22 This style is often worn outside of your jacket or overcoat. Community Q A Search Add New Question Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get.

Hang the scarf off the back of your neck so that the ends drape straight down across your chest, with one end hanging lower than the other. 19 The short end should extend down to your mid to low chest, while the long end should.

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