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Watches expensive 2019
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There are only six known examples which are currently on the market. Of these, are this example, the reference 1591, now in a Swiss museum, four perpetual calendar with chronograph wrist watches reference 1518, and a perpetual calendar featuring subsidiary seconds, reference 1526. Each of.

This particular piece was a classic treasure with perfect execution, and a stunning aesthetic. Its high value is due to the brand, of course, and the rarity of the piece. While there is not a lot of information available on the history of this watch.

Additional distinguishing features include applied Arabic hours, a tachometer scale along with hands that are each crafted in the shape of a leaf. Of the series, two particular types were made, one sporting oval edge backs and the other made with flat backs. Of these.

Watches expensive
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Fashion week Watches expensive for girls
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Most Expensive Watches in the World 2017 - m

In 2002, it was sold for 4 million. Louis Moinet Meteoris 4.6 million The twelfth highest selling watch is a unique Louis Moinet creation, titled the Louis Moinet Meteoris. The Meteoris is among the most interesting in design in the world. Moinet, famed inventor of.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of this watch is the face which is made of titanium material. It is a chronograph that supplies the wearer with information about the current phase of the moon. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time 4 million. This Patek.

Patek Philippe Pink Gold Pocket Watch 1894 2.29 Million. Patek Philippe is a high end luxury watch brand that continues to increase in value with the passage of time. In particular, limited editions and those which are rare examples tend to gain the most. The.

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